Cyber Attacks in India – Part 3

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This post is a follow-up post from our earlier post on Online Security in India posted last week. If you have not read that we urge you to click here and view it before continuing to read this blog.

This is our attempt to analyze Online security in India by looking at some of the biggest Cyber Attacks in India. We have to break it down into three articles, this being the third of the three parts.

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User data from Juspay for sale on the dark web

Details of close to 35 million customer accounts, including masked card data and card fingerprints, were taken from a server using an unrecycled access key, Juspay revealed in early January. The theft took place last August, it said.

The user data is up for sale on the dark web for around $5000, according to independent cybersecurity researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia.

BigBasket user data for sale online

User data from online grocery platform BigBasket is for sale in an online cybercrime market, according to Atlanta-based cyber intelligence firm Cyble.

Part of a database containing the personal information of close to 20 million users was available with a price tag of 3 million rupees ($40,000), Cyble said on November 7.

The data comprised names, email IDs, password hashes, PINs, mobile numbers, addresses, dates of birth, locations, and IP addresses. Cyble said it found the data on October 30, and after comparing it with BigBasket users’ information to validate it, reported the apparent breach to BigBasket on November 1.

Unacademy learns a lesson about security

Edutech start-up Unacademy disclosed a data breach that compromised the accounts of 22 million users. Cybersecurity firm Cyble revealed that usernames, emails addresses, and passwords were put up for sale on the dark web.

Founded in 2015, Unacademy is backed by investors including Facebook, Sequoia India, and Blume Ventures.

Hackers steal healthcare records of 6.8 million Indian citizens

Enterprise security firm FireEye revealed that hackers have stolen information about 68 lakh patients and doctors from a health care website based in India. FireEye said the hack was perpetrated by a Chinese hacker group called Fallensky519.

Furthermore, it was revealed that healthcare records were being sold on the dark web – several being available for under USD 2000.

Local search provider JustDial exposes data of 10 crore users

Local search service JustDial faced a data breach on Wednesday, with data of more than 100 million users made publicly available, including their names, email ids, mobile numbers, gender, date of birth, and addresses, an independent security researcher said in a Facebook post.

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