AmbiSecure Offerings

AmbiSecure is Ambimat’s umbrella offering into the cybersecurity space. The offering is divided into two different components:

IoT Solution

AmbiSecure provides the hardware-level foundation for security, which enables to secure end-to-end communications while maintaining robust network performance in a large city wide infrastructure.

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Enterprise Solution

The AmbiSecure offers superior security by combining hardware-based authentication, an intuitive and straightforward authentication experience that enterprises find easy to use, ensuring rapid adoption, scalability and organizational security with the click of a button.

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Why AmbiSecure

Products of all kinds are increasingly vulnerable to sophisticated breaches as more of their intellectual property shifts to the silicon layer. We understand the unique vulnerabilities of the development and deployment cycle – and how those vulnerabilities differ across myriad forms of software, hardware, and integrated products.

AmbiSecure combine the latest security research with our time-tested techniques to provide critical security services to meet your business goals and strengthen security resiliency. With AmbiSecure’s IoT security offering protecting IoT devices will become plug and play.

We’re committed to delivering security without compromise, secure your enterprise against tomorrow's threats, today. Protect users, applications and data with AmbiSecure’s Solutions. We have a comprehensive product portfolio for security operations, empowering enterprises

AmbiSecure - Authentication without compromise

Balancing security and usability has always been a challenge.

A simple password doesn’t cut it for most systems, especially ones with higher risks or sensitivity attached to them. One of the most effective ways of ensuring authentication is with “Multi-Factor Authentication”, or MFA. It is a method of access control in which a user is granted access only after successfully presenting at least two separate pieces of evidence to an authentication mechanism within the following categories:

Knowledge Factor

Something you “know”: a password or PIN, or an answer to a question

Possession Factor

Something you “have”: a token, credit card or mobile device

Inherence Factor

Something you “are”: biometric data, such as fingerprints


AmbiSecure helps modernizes authentication with ease, bridging legacy MFA to modern protocols such as FIDO2. With the AmbiSecure, organizations can eliminate account takeovers while delivering a delightful user experience.

AmbiSecure is an ideal solution for an organization in enhancing its security by requiring its employee to identify themselves with more than a username and password. While important, usernames and passwords are vulnerable to brute force attacks and can be stolen by third parties. Enforcing the use of an MFA factor like a physical hardware card or key means increased confidence that your organization will stay safe from cybercriminals.

AmbiSecure products are a FIDO certified

AmbiSecure has adopted this standard and developed its FIDO solutions. The products in this range are based on the U2F (Universal Second Factor) and FIDO 2 protocols. The international FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) alliance’s function is to propose and promote security architectures:


That goes beyond password and One-Time-Password (OTP) solutions, it provides security by combining hardware-based authentication


It provides a simple and intuitive authentication experience that users can ensure rapid adoption and organizational security with the click of a button.

Simpler for consumers to use

It is more straightforward for consumers to use the system to perform the tasks safely and, effectively while enjoying the experience.

How can organizations achieve a seamless and passwordless login experience from all devices? How can organizations address new use cases without having to rip and replace their authentication methods?

AmbiSecure, a pioneer in Cybersecurity, addresses these issues with two AmbiSecure FIDO2 devices: the AmbiSecure FIDO Card (Smart Card) and AmbiSecure FIDO Security Key (USB token). These solutions enable organizations to secure cloud adoption and secure bridge access across hybrid environments via integrated access management and authentication.

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