Ambisecure One Pass Bio card

Ambisecure One Pass Bio card

AmbiSecure One Pass Bio Card


The AmbiSecure BioCard provides an innovative solution by integrating a fingerprint sensor into a smart card which supports various multi factor authentication methodologies like FID02, PIV as well as others like OpenGP. AmbiSecure BioCard offers a highly secure way to confirm that the person claiming his/her identity is, in fact, him/her. AmbiSecure BioCard makes identification, authentication and even payment validation more convinient and secure by taking advantage the ‘who you are’ factor of the multi factor authentication mechanisms instead of entering card PIN.



In order to have a better using experience, Ambisecure BioCard ensures that enrollment and verification process as fast as possible. Thus, the user’s experience, including matching, together with capturing and extraction, is almost seamless.


There is always need to balance between False Acceptance
Rate (FAR) and False Rejection Rate (FRR). AmbiSecure BioCard is able to offer a better user experience and high security by setting a trade-off configuration of FAR and FRR.


Depending on different scenarios, AmbiSecure BioCard offers flexible enrollment methods.

  • Enrollment through Mobile NFC (on ios and Android devices)
  • Enrollment through Smart Card Reader on Windows settings.
  • Enrollment with offline sleeve.



FIDO Biometric

The AmbiSecure FIDO Biometric product works on the AmbiSecure BioCard to use the person’s fingerprint for a password-less future by providing support for the FIDO2 protocol.

PIV Biometric

The AmbiSecure PIV Biometric solution is a NIST Compliant solution which is fully interoperable with the Windows, Linux and macOS thus avoiding the need for a complex and expensive PIV management system.


AmbiSecure NDEF Product lets you exchange contact info just by tapping on the other person’s mobile device

Secure Storage

AmbiSecure Secure Storage Applet provides the user the ease to storage any kind of text for over 200 records inside the secure element that can be retrieved only after authorization of the Biometrics of the owner of the data

Open PGP

AmbiSecure OpenPGP product servers as a key-based encryption method used to encrypt files so that only their intended recipient can receive and decrypt them

Certificate Storage

AmbiSecure Certificate Storage provides facility to store any PEM or PFX certificate within a secure element for various use cases where secure storage of certificates is required

AmbiSecure BioCard – Technical Specifications


Material Type Flexible
Temperature Range -25 to 850C
Weight 5.6 ± 0.1 g
Contactless Frequency 13.56 MHz
Java OS Platform GlobalPlatform 2.3.1, Java CardTM 3.0.5
Interface ISO/IEC 7816 ISO/IEC 14443 Type A
User NVM size 300k
User RAM size 6k
Algorithms RSA 2048, AES, SHA-I, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512, MDS, 3DES (ECB, CBC), HMAC, ECC(FP_384)
Fingerprint module Match on secure element Numbers of fingerprint templates customizable.
FRR: 4/100
FAR: 1/20,000


Download AmbiSecure Biocard Brocehure