Solving your security problems.

The new digital workforce has pushed most of the workforce to go online, including video conferencing that has led to privacy issues and phishing attempts, including ransomware attacks. Since most of the workforce today depends on online services both mobile and web services which tend to have a weak cybersecurity system which leads to cyber security threats becoming more prominent. AmbiSecure has been designed to keep these cyber security threats in mind.

What AmbiSecure Offers :

AmbiSecure is Ambimat’s umbrella offering into cyber security space. The offering is divided into two different components :

IoT Solution :

AmbiSecure provides the hardware level foundation for security, which enables to secure end-to-end communications while maintaining robust network performance in a large city-wide infrastructure.

Enterprise Solution :

The AmbiSecure offers superior security by combining hardware-based authentication, an intuitive and straightforward authentication experience that enterprises find easy to use, ensuring rapid adoption, scalability, and organizational security with the click of a button.

Why AmbiSecure ?

● AmbiSecure is committed to delivering security without compromise, securing your enterprise against tomorrow’s threat, today.

● AmbiSecure products are FIDO certified – AmbiSecure has adopted this standard and developed its FIDO solution. The international FIDO (fast identity online) alliances function is to purpose and promote security architectures: stronger, interoperable, and simpler for consumers to use.

● AmbiSecure provides authentication without compromise with one of the most effective ways of ensuring authentication with “Multi-Factor Authentication” or MFA. In which a user is granted access only after successfully presenting at least two pieces of evidence to an authentication mechanism within these categories: a knowledge factor, possession factor, and inherence factor.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To safeguard our highly connected world against cybercrime to create a safer and more secure work and personal environment.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To solve the IoT security problem.

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