Tech Support

Tech Support

We would definitely suggest you use a key. There are some potential challenges with using SMS for authentication. More information about the same can be found on this link.

Redirect to a link on AmbiSecure where the potential pit falls of SMS based authentication are mentioned.

The key or the card doesn’t ever store any personal/private information. So even if you lose the key or the card you can definitely get a new one. Without the key or card you may loose access to your account hence we suggest always enabling some other form of authentication or registering two keys/cards to the same account.

You’ll need it every time you log in to a new machine. You can decide whether to make sites to ask you for the security key every time you log in to a known machine, or to trust it after first use.

Yes, Reset will lead to a complete factory reset of your key. Once the key is successfully reset the following will happen:

  • All FIDO2 (both resident and non-resident) credentials will be removed and access with this key to enrolled services will no longer work
  • The key will no longer be usable on the U2F sites it previously was enrolled to

More information about the Browser support can be found on this link. Information on this link should be on our webpage as well.
Visit FIDO Alliance for more information.

All major consumer websites do support some or the other form of FIDO whether it is FIDO U2F, FIDO UAF or now the FIDO 2.

You can reach out to the customer support of the website you are trying to add your credentials to or search the help section of the website and see if they allow you to add your key or the card.

Yes, there is no upper limit on how many accounts (Gmail or otherwise) can you add your key/card to. You are able to authenticate yourself with over 42.9 billion times using the key as well as the card. That is a big number. And even if you do cross the number you can go ahead and reset the card to get through another 42.9 billion records.

There is no theoretical upper limit on the number of accounts you can register your key to.

Yes, all iPhones since iPhone 8 and any Android phone with NFC can support the AmbiSecure card.

Yes, Windows, Linux as well as macOS are supported by the key or card.

Yes, the AmbiSecure Key will work on a macOS.

Yes, Firefox does support the FIDO protocol. But there have been known challenges in the browser itself. We suggest using either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge on Windows as well as Android. On iOS only the Safari browser supports FIDO U2F as well as FIDO 2