Smart wallet for payments

Smart wallet for payments


AmbiSecure One pass offer more security and confidentiality than other financial information or transaction storage vehicles, making them a perfect solution for e-commerce transactions..

As they include a tamper-resistant microprocessor, they have substantial processing power to protect the information, encrypt and execute instructions from specific programs. These cards use radio frequencies or Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to establish a wireless connection.

AmbiSecure cards are used to deliver quick and secure transactions as well as protect personal information.

One of the most common uses of smart cards is payment cards like credit cards and debit cards. Most of these cards are “chip and PIN” cards that require a PIN, while others are “chip and signature” cards that require a customer’s signature for verification. In addition, these cards can be used as “electronic wallets” where you can fill the chip with funds for small purchases like taxi rides, groceries, etc. Smart cards provide the ideal solution for e-commerce transactions as they offer better protection and confidentiality than other financial systems.


What are the benefits of AmbiSecure One pass card?


AmbiSecure One pass contains unique features that benefit both consumers and issuing organizations.

AmbiSecure One pass provides:

  • Security (the physical layout of the chip is designed to be tamper-resistant, and a large portion of the operating-system code is dedicated to self-protection.)
  • Confidentiality (the card and its data are with you, and YOU decide what to do with them.)
  • Portability (you carry it in your wallet or phone.)
  • Convenience (a consequence of all the above)