Smart Card Access

Access control using smart card technology.


AmbiSecure One Pass provides Smart Card door access control system technology that delivers the most secure type of key card with a higher level of encryption than a standard proximity or RFID cards.

Security threats have increased over the years, yet many organizations continue to use outdated access control technologies that allow for unnecessary vulnerabilities. The newest smart card technology mitigates many of these risks.


Access Control systems using smart card technology can:


  • Be used in multi-factor authentication systems
  • Be programmed to provide access to multiple areas of one building or buildings
  • Protect corporate networks by authenticating access to workstations and eliminating the need for passwords
  • Be used to keep time and attendance records or for quick convenient payment processing


Smart Card Benefits


Security. AmbiSecure One Pass are embedded with a best-in-class cryptography for data and privacy protection. The memory or microprocessing chip inside the key card authenticates an individual’s information, transfers, stores and updates information as needed. The added protection within the smart card makes it so the keys cannot be easily duplicated.

Flexibility. Since access control systems using smart card technology are software or cloud-based, they provide flexible solutions for smart card keys, mobile devices, tags and more. This flexibility also provides for applications beyond physical access control including IT resources, network log-in, and more.

Customizable. AmbiSecure One Pass technology can be customized to meet customer preferences as it is available in fobs, tags, printable cards and mobile credentials. It can be designed for the needs of those in education, enterprise, government, hospitality, and more.