Smart business card

The professional way to connect


AmbiSecure One Pass is the new smart business card on the block. Turn meetings into leads and share your contact details without contact.

Not just for in-person meetings, but also for networking and events. Tap your AmbiSecure One Pass on a phone and your contact details appear instantly on the other person’s phone.

Our cutting-edge technology and integrations reshape how the business world connects.

Compatible with all the latest smartphones, Apple and Android.


AmbiSecure One Pass Features


Upgrade your networking with AmbiSecure One Pass

  • NFC Chip: Tap your card on a phone and share your contact details without contact.
  • No app download required
  • Saves directly to phone contacts
  • Plug & Play : For both sharing and receiving your contact details, no app is needed.


FAQs for AmbiSecure Smart business card


How does AmbiSecure One Pass work

AmbiSecure One Pass use NFC (Near Field Communication) and QR code technology to exchange information. Just tap your card to other phones or let people scan the QR code if their phone doesn’t support NFC.


What phones will it work with?

AmbiSecure One Pass work with all NFC enabled phones and the QR code can be scanned with any phone with a scanner or a camera. It works with majority of today’s phones.


Do I need an App?

No App required. The tap and QR scan opens the information in your mobile


How can people save my contact?

Just by clicking ‘Add to contacts’ people can save your contact in their phones.


Who can see my profile?

Anyone who gets a tap of your card or scans the QR code on the card


What measures do you take at AmbiSecure for privacy?

AmbiSecure profiles don’t show on search engines. We also don’t ask for your social media passwords and give you the control over what information you’d like to include in your profile.