PIV Smart card

PIV Smart card


Our popular Derived PIV/CAC credential solution enables true mobility for organizations by providing secure, anywhere-anytime access to applications, work files and systems

PIV card technology features a dual interface microprocessor chip for use with contact and contactless smart card readers, making it interoperable and easily adaptable for a wide range of use cases, including physical access authentication.

Personal Identity Verification (PIV) is a security standard detailed in NIST FIPS 201-2 that creates a framework for multi-factor authentication (MFA) on a smartcard.

AmbiSecure One Pass is also sometimes associated with or contrasted to a similar type of smart card called the common access card (CAC)

AmbiSecure One Pass usually comes in a form of a card and can be used for various purposes as detailed incoming slides


AmbiSecure One Pass Benefits


  • Considered one of the most secure authentication methods
  • AmbiSecure One Pass can be used for authentication, encryption, and digital signing
  • Used for multiple purposes, such as access key, personal ID, or credit card
  • Can couple digital system access with physical building access for an all-in-one authentication solution


Uses of AmbiSecure One Pass PIV card


  • Based on strong multi-factor PKI authentication, AmbiSecure One Pass PIV cards provide proof of cardholder identity that meets U.S. Federal Government standards
  • Digitally authenticates users’ identity for main information systems
  • Identifies users for a variety of physical access systems
  • Digitally signs and encrypts documents, email and files
  • Works with PIV-based IT infrastructures, and new and legacy physical access control systems


Technical parameters


  • Material: Fresh PVC, PET
  • Dimension: CR80 85.5*54*0.84mm
  • Protocol: ISO14443A
  • Frequency: 13.56Mhz
  • Printing: Logo Printed is available, Full-colour offset printing and silk-screen printing
  • Finished: Glossy/Matt surface
  • Crafts more: Magnetic strip, Barcode, Serial number, signature panel, Hologram, Gold/silver card, embossed number
  • Value-added: Data encoded, UID list provided
  • Work Temp: -20℃-50℃
  • Data Retain: >10 years
  • Read/Write: >1,000,000 times